By this point, you've repetitively run through your list of things to do in lockdown, and you're left wondering what else there could be to do? Well, fear not. We've compiled a list of the weirdest worldwide drinks, so get ready to raise your eyebrow and delve into some peculiar concoctions.

1. The Sourtoe Cocktail

The clue is in the name. Yes, a mummified toe is what seals the deal with this drink, and don't think it's just for decoration. As the rule goes: "You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow - but the lips have gotta touch the toe". Seeing as 60,000 customers have ordered it, it can't be THAT bad…right?!

Originally from The Downtown Hotel, Dawson City, Canada (now on their tenth digit)

2. Camel Milk Cocktails

Are you bored of the average Mocktail? Try a camel milk cocktail! This ingredient is actually used in a whole range of drinks created by specialists in camel milk mixology. In the Middle East, where alcohol isn't widely drunk, it provides customers with a unique, local tasting experience. What it lacks in alcohol, it makes up for in nutrients, as camels' milk is packed with Vitamin C, iron and protein. These attributes make it very popular during Ramadan, as it replenishes the body without the need for food.

Originally from the Ritz-Carlton Grand Canal, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

3. The Crapper

A toilet bowl may not strike you as a classy cocktail serve, but that hasn't stopped Las Vegas restaurant Rock & Rita's from causing a flush. Filled with rum, chocolate, coconut and garnished with a suggestive Snickers log, this deceivingly sweet cocktail is presented in a miniature ceramic toilet you’re allowed to keep as a souvenir. The toilet bowl might be where you find yourself at the end of the night, but in this case, it gets the party started.

Originally from Rock & Rita's, Las Vegas, USA.

4. The Gunpowder Plot Cocktail


Taking inspiration from Guy Fawkes' foiled plot, Sydney bartender Grant Collins created this explosive cocktail. Gunpowder-infused gin with spiced gunpowder syrup and bitters are presented on a pile of twigs, and suffused with oak-scented fog. The smoky wooden flavour is said to evoke bonfires, BBQs and fireworks.

Originally from the Zeta Bar, Sydney, Australia.

5. The Coquetier Cocktail

Consisting of rum, chocolate and cinnamon, this cocktail sounds like a perfectly sweet and innocent drink, right? That's until you find out it's served in an eggshell. Created in the 18th century by apothecary Antoine Amédée Peychaud, this drink resurfaced two hundred years later after bartenders at Pret a Diner brought it back to menus.

Originally from Pret a Diner, Berlin, Germany.

6. The Foie Gras Flip

You mean you DON'T picture a cocktail when you think of foie gras?! Well, you will from now on. That's right, this creation contained the famous French liver paste, Amontillado sherry, Demerara sugar syrup, a raw egg and crumbled walnuts. Some of the ingredients may seem better suited to a delectable cheese board, but they form a rich flavoured, one-of-a-kind drink.

Originally from The Betony Bar, New York, USA.

7. Diamonds are Forever

After a night of cocktail indulgence, you may gulp when presented with the final bill. But the total is likely nothing compared to the $1,347 price tag on this single, lavish cocktail. But apparently, using the finest ingredients not only increases the price but the quality too. No expense is spared with extravagant ingredients, including L'Heraud Grande Champagne Cognac, Luxor 24k Gold Flake Champagne and The Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas Bitters. And if it couldn't get any more luxurious, the drink is served in a Swarovski Crystalline Cocktail Glass, which is all yours to take home.

Originally from Skyview Bar, Burj Al Arab, UAE.

8. Baby Mice Wine

If you thought a severed toe was bad, try 3-day-old baby mice. This drink does what it says on the tin. Rice moonshine is poured over the mice and then left to ferment for a year before being served to (very willing) guests. Chinese drinkers believe that it remedies several health problems (but also cures you from coming back for more).

Originally from China.

9. Wakey, Wakey, Mary, Eggs and Bakey

Maybe not the traditional fry-up you're used to. This cocktail was designed to aid recovery after a heavy night. Compromising of a Bloody Mary, hot sauce, Irish stout and a garnish of pickled vegetables, quail eggs, bacon and a grilled cheese sandwich, this cocktail allows you to indulge in a bit of booze whilst letting the copious amount of food help soak up some of the previous night's damage.

Originally from Chapel Tavern, Nevada, USA.

10 . Topas and Rotten Shark

In for a penny, in for a pound; if you’re going full Icelandic, you may as well mix the national spirit, Topas — described as alcoholic cough medicine — with the local delicacy of Hákarl. Hákarl is shark meat that's buried for months then dug up and served fermented. Needless to say, it’s not caught on worldwide.

Originally from Iceland

Next time you’re in need some entertainment, why not try whipping up your own cocktail creation? There is no limit as to how outlandish your drink can be. Grab a cocktail kit and whatever ingredients you need and get busy in your home bar. You may just create a new classic.

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