National Rum Month with Bacardi Bars

Where to Get Your Rum Cocktail Fix this July

Every now and then, the stars align, and you get three momentous events in one rum-fuelled month. Yes, July hosts not just a national Piña Colada Day, but both national Mojito Day and Daiquiri Day to boot. What better excuse to dust of a bottle of Bacardi and get your cocktail drinking hat on.

How Bacardi Are Celebrating Rum Month in 2021

National Piña Colada Day on the 10th of July celebrates the wedding of pineapple and coconut in the balmy sunshine-in-a-glass escapist classic cocktail the Piña Colada. Borne from the Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico, this fancy, fresh little number is inherently fun and designed to shed your tastebuds of the mundane and switch the mood to party with one sip.

Then there's National Mojito Day, literally the day after, on 11th July. But worry not, the trusty combination of lime, rum and mint was first put together in an attempt to heal tropical diseases, so it should work wonders on your hangover*. First discovered by Westerners in Cuba, the Mojito has long been associated with putting your feet up after a long day filled with travel and adventure.

Finally, on July 19th, its National Daiquiri Day. This drink is the epitome of balance between the sour tang of lime and the sweetness of rum. In comparison to the Piña Colada, she's understated. In contrast to the Mojito, she's simple, but in terms of taste, she makes for a nuanced bolt of flavour that hits you right between the eyes.

How better to celebrate a whole month of Bacardi rum shenanigans than with some of the greatest party-starters in the world? Focusing on the three great cities of London, Manchester and Edinburgh, Bacardi has teamed up with stellar venues, ranging in style and taste, to promote their riffs of these three sisters of rum, the Piña Colada, the Mojito and the Daiquiri.

Rum Month In London

The London Cocktail Club in Bethnal Green is well known for its fun-forward menu of disco drinks done with panache, and they will be serving up some party twists on the classics. First is the Asian influenced Lychee Piña Colada, rose-quartz coloured and served in a stemmed glass. Then, Not a Mojito takes a jab at the long, iced cocktail we know by flipping it to an on-the-rocks style serve mixing Creme de Menthe and rum in a bright, emerald green eye-opener. Finally, they have raspberry-fied the Daiquiri using Bacardi Raspberry in a piquant, crystal clear jewel of a cocktail. All for the tasty price of £6 for one or £10 for 2 throughout the month.

London's premier tiki club, Laki Kane, uses their knowledge of rum blending and ageing techniques to add pizzazz to their rum trio. Their Pink Daiquiri is made with Bacardi Carta Blanca infused with lime zest and their house recipe of hibiscus and lemon Oleo Saccharum. Their take on the Mojito uses a syrup made from infusing sugar with fresh mint with the 8-year-old Bacardi Reserva Ocho rum. The Piña Colada recipe takes inspiration from Cuba, using the 11-year-old Santiago De Cuba rum with toasted coconut syrup, freshly pressed pineapple juice and just a light seasoning of salt. You can grab these in the week (Monday-Wednesday) for £8 a pop or from Thursday for £9. And if you get there during Happy Hour on Friday or Saturday, it's 2 for £12 between 4 and 6 pm.

The Box Park venues will all have a Bacardi Mojito on the menu, a Spiced Mojito and a Strawberry Daiquiri in their infamous slushy machines. Mr Fogg’s House of Botanicals will serve up a chocolate and apricot daiquiri called From Dusk till Dawn, a herbaceous basil and pandan leaf infused Piña Colada and the bosky Mrs Beeton's Mago Mojito made by mixing woodland syrup, Bacardi Carta Blanca, and Mango Honegar — a Beeton inspired vinegar and honey-based drink. Three Sheets bar on the Kingsland Road keep things classy with a mint tea Mojito, a kaffir lime and pineapple cordial Piña Colada and a Daiquiri with Milk Olang 'Golden Lily' tea syrup.

Rum Month in Manchester

Fear not, my Northern friends, you too will have your taste of delicious rum cocktails. The long-established basement drinking den the Liars Club and Lounge are getting fruity with their twisted classics. The Pineapple and Passionfruit Mojito does what it says on the tin, delivering a tropical fruit punch with a hit of Bacardi Carta Blanca. Again, using the 2-year-old charcoal filtered Bacardi Carta Blanca, they stay true to form using peach and blood orange to upscale their Daiquiri. Then sea salt and caramel cut with Bacardi Coconut Rum deliver a twist called The Salted Caramel Piña Colada. Each of these cocktails is £8 all month long.

Smithfield Social in the Northern Quarter is also taking part, with a trio of laid back rum cocktails to try. There's the Melonada; where pineapple sugar meets melon over a glass of Bacardi Coconut and Cocchi Americano aperitif wine. The Daquiri #2; where fresh orange juice and triple sec give the classic Daq a naranja slant. Then finally, there's the Raspberry and Elderflower Mojito; borrowing from the British seasonal fruit harvest, the team at Smithfield Social have been busy infusing St Germain Elderflower Liqueur with freshly picked raspberries to perk up their Mojito. These drinks will be available for £8.50 each.

Or you could head to the South American inspired Peru Perdu in Princes Street for a tantalising trip around Rum Month. Each of these cocktails will give you a physical taste sensation, as the ingredients are tongue-temptingly sensual. There's the Frozen Mojito, using Fox's Mint infused sugar syrup, the spicy Chinola Picante, a Daiquiri style drink with scotch bonnet chilli, passion fruit and vanilla, and the Absinth Colada, with vanilla ice cream, and you guessed it, the Green Fairy—Absinth. Mancunians, tickle your taste buds with these drinks ranging from £8 - £10!

Rum Month in Edinburgh

What could be better than Edinburgh in the sunshine? Edinburgh rum cocktails in the sunshine: that’s what! We have Candy Bar, Tonic and The Blackbird offering us some sweet and sexy rum stylings on their menus.

Candy Bar have come up with a genius combination of coconut sorbet, strawberry liqueur and pineapple juice to jazz up their sunset inspired Piña Colada offering. They're sticking with the classic Bacardi Carta Blanca for their Raspberry Daiquiri and Passionfruit Mojito twists. Drinks here will start from £6.50.

Tonic is taking the alcohol content of their Daiquiri up a notch with a Wrey and Nephew x Bacardi Carta Blanca rum remix. Their MoHEATo will get your mouth-fire stoked with muddled chilli and a ginger beer lengthener. And the Piña Colada is served with a shot of prosecco to zhuzh up the pineapple and coconut masterpiece we all know and love. Yours for just £9-£9.50.

Finally, The Blackbird delivers a dangerous duo of frozen Piña Colada and Moet champagne. They stick with the glacial theme with their Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, a churned up fruity goddess cocktail that'll chill you right out. These cool cocktails range from £6.50 to £10.

Remember kids, the hospitality industry is still fragile and under the auspices of the Government Road Map, so remember to book a table if you can and follow the Government guidelines. If you’d like to learn more about Bacardi rum and their many delicious bottlings, then please, have a nose around their website.

* Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly.

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