How to socialise, drink and stay healthy

Like many things, drinking is all about moderation. After all, too much of a good thing can lead to trouble, but if you're in a healthy body and mind, a boozy treat here or there won't hurt. Sometimes, drinking is not an option. Sometimes you prefer to abstain. Sometimes, you just don't need the headache. But fear not, there are ways of still joining in the fun and wetting the whistle with either no or low ABV drinks and cocktails.

Introducing Healthy Hedonists

Bar ambassador and consultant Camille Vidal has helped to pioneer the world of healthy drinking and wellness. Pairing her expertise in drinks with mindfulness, yoga and meditation practices led her to start La Maison Wellness, a platform to promote Mindful Cocktails and build a tribe of Health Hedonists. Named in the Forbes Women Leading the Drinks Industry List, Vidal helps to empower people to find the balance in and out of the glass, and she does this by approaching drinks in a way that's better for our minds and bodies.

No and Low Alcohol Alternatives in Cocktail Recipes

This is where alcoholic replacements come in handy, and there's a whole world of low/non-alcoholic spirit, wine and beer replicas available. Non-alcoholic mixed drinks can be equally flavoursome and tasty as their boozy counterparts. Virgin cocktails let you join in the cocktail experience and provide the pleasure of your favourite beverage. With demand for low-alcoholic drinks increasing, high-profile brands like Gordon's and Thatcher's are investing more into expanding their low ABV ranges. There has been an explosion of independent brands, nonalcoholic brands too, from gin, rum, vermouth and whiskey alternatives to shrubs and pre-mixed cocktails like Mother Root or the NOgroni from Seedlip.

Practising Sustainability

A sustainable product is better for the planet and our peace of mind. A prime example of a brand using sustainable ethics is Mermaid. A natural gin hand-crafted in the Isle of Wight, it compromises of ethically sourced botanicals and as well as being plastic-free, it supports marine conservation project and Net Zero, meaning they have no impact on the climate as they offset carbon emissions by helping to plant in rainforests and meadows. Bax botanicals is another brand that focuses on sourcing ingredients organically and through using fair-trade, wild herbs to produce alcohol-free spirits with complex flavours. Tequila Cazadores follows this ethical belief and produces zero-waste tequila from a biomass boiler fuelled by organic materials.

Adding Nutrients to Your Diet

Popping some fresh or frozen fruit in your glass will not only add an extra depth of flavour, but it actually provides some plant points too. Vitamins infuse the drink and help you soak up some goodness, as well as using up leftover fruits you may have lying around. You can easily make your own fresh and fruity drinks at home. For example, our recipe a Summer Wander serves as the perfect refreshing cocktail alternative. Featuring strawberry and watermelon with tangy lime, this sweet number won't make you miss the alcohol, and it'll add some micronutrients into your diet to boot.

Taking the Pressure Out of Social Drinking

A lot of social occasions are fuelled by alcohol. But there's no reason to feel left out when socialising with others who are drinking, as you can still partake in the social element and have a good time. You may think you need a glass or two to help you ease into a conversation better, but really all you need is good company and a celebratory drink with great flavour to lift spirits. Vetting the booze does not automatically mean cutting down on your social life.

A Better Work-Life Balance


Sticking to these alcoholic alternatives during the week is also hugely beneficial. It can improve sleep and improve energy levels overall, increasing motivation and productiveness. Swapping the tequila for some tea as your mixer and staying t-total during the week may help your mood and your liver. Saving the cocktails for the weekend will give you more reason to celebrate and enjoy your drink.

Rather than a total prohibition on alcohol, Vidal provides recipes that use fewer alcoholic products, develops cocktails with fewer spirits and more mixers, using healthy ingredients that are good for our planet and good for the soul. Visit our No and Low section in the Recipedia for a plethora of healthy cocktails.

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