For the Dads Who Have Everything.

Dads are great. They deserve something nice for Father's Day but do have a reputation for being a teeny-tiny bit hard to buy for. So how about swapping out the usual 'world's greatest dad' mug this year for something that will ease the weight of the world off his shoulders and put him in the party mood? We just happen to know a few Father's Day gifts that might give you a hand this 12 June 2021.

What to Buy The Man Who Knows Way More About Spirits Than You

We all know a Dad who's an internet researcher. He'll read all the reviews, go on all the forums, taste all the freebies in the off-licence, whittle down his favourites to a select few completely-out-of-your-price-range bottles. Leaving you undecided as to which bottle you should even start with.

Why not try a selection pack? For example, if whiskey is his thing, then a Single Malts Discovery Mini Pack may be just the ticket. Or perhaps a Penderyn Madeira Gift Pack, which includes a tasting glass, so he can bring the entire Whisky flight experience into his home.

If your Dad is a rum lover, then The Jamaica Funk Rum Tasting Set will let him explore bold and funky rums. Or to try a variety of rums from various countries, the Plantation Cigar Pack Gift Set will allow for a range of styles to be sampled, with six different bottles to broaden horizons.

By exploring different styles of spirits, you're opening up his options and introducing him to new producers and styles. You never know, your selection pack could contain dads' new drink of choice. Then that's Christmas sorted too.

What to Buy The Dad Who Likes Collecting

Here's to the guys who like working their way around a whole category. He'll be the kind of chap who can't make his mind up and prefers to tick off everything to make sure. Then, for a whisky connoisseur, 101 Whiskies to try Before you Die could be just what he needs. Expand Dad's palate with some help from whisky writer Ian Buxton, whose guide comes with a bumper tasting set of 10 different whiskies to tick off the list, leaving Dad with 91 to discover for himself throughout the year.

What to Buy a Guy Who Likes a Personal Touch

'I don't want anything, just make me a card' — sound familiar? This guy values thoughtful, personal gifts over flashy ones. But you can still spoil him, if he likes gin, that is. Adding a personalised label to a bottle of Bombay Sapphire's finest Bombay Bramble will make this limited-edition blackberry and raspberry gin even more unique.

What better way to say thanks to Dad than with a personalised drinking experience? After we've all spent an inordinate amount of time at home and mixing things up in home bars, taking the opportunity to have a return to normality may be just the ticket. With Laki Kane’s Premium Rum-Making Package, you'll not only have the chance to spend some quality time together whilst sampling seven exciting rums and paired cocktails, but you'll also both get to take home a bottle of personalised rum. Thus making the drink entirely personal to your father — and you get to join in the fun too!

For the Father Who Likes The Weird and Wonderful

This Dad loves a surprise. Take him out of his comfort zone and offer up something spontaneous and fun. The Hendrick's Cucumber Hothouse Miniature Set offers something pretty unique. He won't have to be a gardening expert to master this, as there's everything he'll need to grow his own mini cucumbers alongside some mini bottles of Hendricks gin to provide the perfect gardening refreshment. This quirky gift will keep Dad entertained for longer than just 12 June.


What to Buy Your T-Total, Sober Curious or Designated Driver Dad

Fret not, there’s still a celebration drink for every Father who prefers the No-Low option. OOFT! Have plenty of great cocktail ideas using very low ABV spirits or non-alcoholic ingredients. There’s a plethora of spirit alternatives on the market now, and the choice can be so overwhelming.

So, how about we narrow it down. Mockingbird Spirit is made with Blue Agave — the same succulent plant used to make tequila. They go straight to the source, to the Tequila region of Mexico to harvest and distill their tequila alternative. The authorities in Mexico have given them a seal of approval usually reserved for full ABV tequila producers, officially recognising it as 100% organic Blue Agave. That means Mockingbird has exactly the same quality that you’d find in any worthy Tequila.

Still stuck? A voucher will solve your dilemmas. Not the most personal of gifts, but you may still be gifting an array of tasting opportunities that he can explore. From the Whisky Exchange to Grape to Grain and Master of Malt, there are plenty of options to give Dad the chance to discover something new, whilst choosing a spirit retailer you know he likes.

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