Club Cocktails - Find a Drink to Match Your Dancing Style

With the world starting to open up again, you may be dusting off your dancing shoes, ready to head back out. Or if you’re not too keen to get back to a night out yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t turn your home into a club, complete with virtual DJs, disco lights and of course, drinks. That’s where we come in. It’s good to know your cocktail of choice so that you don’t waste the night away with the wrong drinks and stick to the ones that best match you and your dance style.

Pairing drinks with music is nothing new. There’s a lot to be said for having the right tunes when you’re sipping away at your favourite beverage. Scientific studies have shown that musical mood affects the flavour profile of wine and that different noise volumes can bring out different flavours in food. So we’ve considered three things: mood, mates and movement.

If You’re Missing Notting Hill Carnival

Let’s start with your seshing out to sunshiny SOCA socials. We’re talking expressive, rhythmic dancing, upbeat energy and large groups of friends. So let’s go for an exotic, fruitier number. If you’d normally go for a classic passionfruit Pornstar Martini, why not try a zesty Reggae Rum Punch? Packed with orange and pineapple fruit juices that blend with overproof rum for a refreshing burst, this tropical cocktail bursts with citrusy passion!

For the Creamfields Massive

Are you craving a faster-paced clubbing experience? Well, if raves or drum and bass is your thing, then shots and bottles of water are your friends (remember to keep hydrated, kids). There’s nothing like downing a small but mighty drink that will pack a punch but won’t hold you back on that dance floor. Tequila made from 100% Blue Agave plant will keep the energy high whilst not killing your head the next day. Well-made tequila like the Patron Gran Platinum will give you the sunshine-in-a-glass feels you and your handful of hardcore mates desire and help you keep raving all night long.

For The Ronnie Scotts Rendezvous

Maybe raves aren’t your thing, but perhaps an intimate, sophisticated evening at a jazz nightclub is? Whilst you take in the melodious chorus of the roaring jazz music, what better to keep you company than a simple yet classic Mint Julep? It’s the perfect drink to sip and savour on a hot night whilst getting you into that honky-tonk spirit. This Bourbon cocktail not only matches the era, but the ingredients are from the same American states as the music. It’s easy to make at home, and you can sip it while you work your way through your playlist or have virtual tickets to see a performer.

One For the Festival Heads

You may be headed to an indie club when the doors reopen or clicking on to see the Glasto feed. We’re thinking swaying atop someone’s shoulders, head-banging and no doubt losing your voice by the end. This kind of musical taste calls for something a little stronger and what could be more rock ’n’ roll than a whisky and a beer (sometimes called a boilermaker).

And we’re talking straight whiskey here. Imagine deafening speakers, crowded bars and soothing those vocal cords with a honeyed shot of Whistle Pig Boss Hog VII Rye Whiskey and a bottle of Ocean Beer Lager.

For the Camp Bestival Campers!

If guilty pleasure pop songs are more your gig, then try a fruit fresh little number that’s easy to drink from a straw while you bob about. A kind of grownup alcopop, perhaps? Like the Jam Jar Daiquiri, made from rum, lime and a little bit of strawberry jam, or if you have the kids in tow, try the low-alcohol Bubbles and Berries. Whichever you choose to stick with, may your glitter stay gorgeous and your sequin-studded jumpsuit stay spangly.

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